First Things First – Leveling to 80 in WoTLK

I spent a few hours last night working on some upcoming posts and planning a few series of articles. I really want Threat Monster to have original material available and that requires some careful thought and preparation. However, it is all still scribbles and notes on a few pieces of paper that only make sense to me at this point. So while thinking on what I could post today it hit me. With only a few hours left until WoTLK goes live what better to discuss than leveling your warrior.

After all that will be everyone’s focus for the next few weeks. Yes, we all want to get our warriors fine tuned and figure out which build is best, but first things first. As of 12:00AM the number one priority is leveling to 80. I know it is mine anyway and I can’t imagine who in their WoW addicted minds would think differently.

Now let me make something clear. I consider myself to be a fast leveler, but I definitely couldn’t keep up with the guys competing in “Xfire’s Race To 80, Win A PC” contest. With that said, the tips I am about to give you may make you one of the first to 80 in your guild, but definitely not in the world. They are all things I plan on doing myself so I hope you benefit from them as well.

Leveling Tips

  • One of the first things I did (I apologize now for not posting this sooner) was to go and complete 25 leftover level 70 quests ahead of the launch. From what I have read once the level cap is raised to 80 you will get experience from them. A full quest log should net you somewhere around 250k experience. Whatever the final amount, it is a jumpstart toward 71. This did work in the WoTLK beta and has been confirmed to work in the live version as well.
  • With the launch you can expect a lot of bugs, glitches and disconnects until they all get worked out. However, some of them can be avoided by making sure your addons and custom UI components are all up to date. Most addon sites like and have icons and survival guides which make it easy to tell which addons are WoTLK ready. This will go a long way toward keeping your WoW client up and running and your experience pouring in.
  • I personally plan on doing most of my leveling through questing, and I recommend you do as well. To date it has proven to be the fastest way to level if done right. Quests should be done in circuits based on proximity to one another and where they turn in. This can be a task when your leveling for the first time, fortunately most of the work has already been done for us. I recommend you take a look at Jame’s Alliance Leveling Guide or Jame’s Horde Leveling Guide. Both are completely free!
  • Level with some friends. Most players from both factions will be caught up in leveling, but there will still be PvP and ganking when the opportunity arises. You especially see some killing going on when you are in questing areas and killing mobs needed by both factions. A friend or two will make enemies think twice about starting anything.
  • If you have gathering professions make sure to mine, herb or skin anything that you come across. However, don’t waste time at this point on gathering routes or out of the way resources. You should hit 80 almost capped even if you don’t spend dedicated time toward leveling it. And as far as non-gathering professions go. I will most likely save most that leveling for when I am already 80.
  • For those of you who want to go the extra mile, you may find the “Powerleveling” disccusion at Elitist Jerks interesting. It is an open discussion so some of it might seem a bit like overkill, but there are some good nuggets of information in there that I think will prove valuable to the leveling process.
  • Last tip for now… Have fun and get rest and nourishment in between long leveling sessions. Don’t burn yourself out too much or it may result in a slower leveling process.

As I level I may think of more tips and I will update you on any other tips or tricks I find. Hope a few of these helped you. And if you just want to take your time and level your own way without any rush that is fine too.


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