So it begins

If you are reading this post and it is still on the front page of my blog then you are most likely one of the first people to visit. I am not quite sure where this blog will lead, but I do know that I wanted to share some of my experiences and ideas about warrior tanking in the MMORPG: World of Warcraft. I am very passionate about playing the warrior class and I imagine that if you become a dedicated reader of this blog that you are too.

I guess the next thing I should explain is that I play a threat build warrior as opposed to the more widely-known heavy mitigation builds. Now of course all protection warriors with decent gear should have a good amount of mitigation (unless they are complete tards) and our main role will always be to take damage (mitigate). However, what sets a threat build warrior apart from a mitigation warrior is that we sacrafice some of our mitigation stats for the ability to generate higher threat per second (TPS).

If this idea is new to you then you might not see the point of having a build dedicated to generating more threat. Well it is simple really… more threat equals more damage; more TPS equals more DPS. The more threat you pull the more your raid DPSers can get away with. The threat roof is raised and the DPSers can pay more attention to doing damage and they don’t have to be as concerned with pulling aggro. Whereas a mitigation tank might make it slightly easier on your healers, but the overall raid DPS will come down significantly in fights where they are used. The trade off for the higher threat with a little more damage incoming to the tank is well worth it in my experience, so long as it is done right.

This is merely an introductory post and I will go into everything with more detail as time goes by. At the time of this post the WoTLK expansion is just 3 days away and there is plenty to learn and plenty to share yet. If you have found this interesting then I invite you to click on the link to follow this blog. It will keep you up to date with any new posts made. See you next time!


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